Project Vidiyalai Theadi

CHES started to work at the Government Reception Center at Royapuram since 2007 when the NGO was invited to provide support to the resource center at the Government center by the then chairperson of Child Welfare committee.

This project helps children to voice their story and their decision to go back home or to a suitable safe destiny is the main agenda. The project also attempts to create a child friendly center, a child friendly atmosphere for the children at the Government Reception center for Boys at Royapuram. Social workers spend time taking detailed history from the child does a care plan based on the child’s status, tracks his family, invites the family to come to collect their ward, counsels child and parents and reintegrates the child back in to the family if a family is there and follows the child placed in family at Chennai city alone.

The project provides psychologists, nurses to assess their health standards, trains the JJ stakeholders
on various aspects from Child Rights to POCSO act. The project has reached around 1730 children and has placed nearly 96% of them back in to the family. The project has developed a 5year database for the home, Has developed and put in use a Child Protection Policy and has developed a self assessment tool for the admin team at GHB to assess the minimum standards of care.