Project Thayee Sayee Nalam – Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission

CHES works with center of excellence the government institute of Obstetric and gynecology in prevention of parent to child transmission program. Here we cover over 4 corporation zones in Chennai district covering around 67 corporation health out posts and work closely with the community such as SHG, antenatal, post natal and lactating women. The goal of the project is to work towards a future without prejudice for children and their families infected, affected due to AIDS so as reach their fullest potential by offering a quality of life.

The Strategic directions of the projects are raising awareness about PPTCT program and services offered at IOG, linking all pregnant women to the same center and following antenatal women who test positive for HIV through home based care and providing them free ART services. The team links with corporation health post, balwadis, ICDS, VCCTC, positive network and NGOs providing support services. The infected pregnant women are followed through home based care and are empowered through providing health education, linking them to the various need based services including ART services, testing services, other medical services, TB screening and other support services. Their husband and children are also addressed through this program. This project is supported through the Global fund round 2 and 3.