Child Rights and Protection

A number of children are forced to leave family due to prevailing problems at home or in the surrounding circumstances. ‘Road Map’ study conducted by CHES at Government reception center Chennai proved that trivial to serious matters forced the child out of the unable to face the stress for many days.
They wander around the streets, do petty jobs to feed themselves and face a lot of exploitation. Many boys expressed fear on leaving the home and felt happy for short period being away from home settings but wanted to go back home as they missed their mother’s tender loving care.
CHES working at the Government run reception unit for Boys and hostel for Girls at Chennai, have undertaken the herculean task of tracking families, reunifying the boys back home and conduct post reunification follow up to support and analyze hand holding of the boys at home front.

Child Rights and Child Protection

Child protection in emergency

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and POCSO Act

Prevention of Human Trafficking