AIDS Orphans

Devastated by the AIDS epidemic at very young age, AIDS orphans fill as poor, hungry, exploited and abused human beings in this shunned society. The struggle to survive everyday being discriminated, stigmatized, their Rights denied at all places, go unfed for days, with properties and financial claims denied leaving behind no friend to talk or play and thus become more vulnerable to risky situations in life.
In 1994 CHES started Anandha Illam [Meaning a Happy Home] a home for these ‘Children of Lesser God’ when every one hesitated to even touch them. The project aims to raise them as successful adults by providing a holistic and individual care for the overall development of each child including health, education and recreational activities.
We feel proud to say that the project has not only brought successful professionals and Graduates, but good sports person winning National awards, good musicians and good human beings.

HIV and AIDS Basics

Stride the boulder

Prevention and rehabilitation of Children affected by AIDS

Alternative Care

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