Birth of CHES

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Origin of CHES

1993 – Two orphaned children a boy aged 2 and a half and a girl aged 4 were admitted at the Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children, Chennai, where Dr.P.Manorama was working as the Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. They were admitted in the gastroenterology department for management of Hepatitis B Infection and HIV infection where Dr.P.Manorama was working.

Dr.Manorama was able to observe the social scrooge while treating the two children. When planned to discharge the orphanage from where they came was hesitant to take the kids back in to their arms. Dr.Manorama decided to take the children with her. She was advised by a friend to start and register a NGO that could care the children. Thus Dr.Manorama who embraced these children started CHES.

CHES responded to this situation by providing care to AIDS orphans when no one else would. Dr.Manorama registered CHES under the Tamilnadu societies Act with the support of her friends who were then associated with her private clinic that offered services to public.