CHES was started to cater to the needs of two AIDS orphans in 1994. It is governed by a 14-member board with more than 50% being women. It has been registered Under the Tamilnadu Societies Regulation Act, 1975. The organization has been registered under the Foreign Currency Regulation Act of India, has been offered the Fit institution Status by the Department of Social Defense, Government of Tamilnadu, as a special home to cater to the needs of AIDS orphans. CHES has life time Tax exemption.

CHES has large expertise of over two decades working with children. The organizations initial programs were health related mostly covering STI, HIV and AIDS. The NGO reached different kinds of beneficiaries such as from AIDS orphans to children living in families affected by AIDS, People Living with HIV and AIDS, Female sex workers, Children of Sex workers, male sex workers including transgender and Homosexuals, grannies living with AIDS orphans, pregnant women and general public.

Since 2004, CHES started to plan for a larger work among children. This was the year of tsunami that had severe impact on people living in the coastal areas of Chennai, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Puducherry and Chidambaram. E As people ran for lost homes, boats and nets children were abandoned not understanding as to what had happened. CHES noticed that many of them were emotionally disturbed and hence the NGO started to provide psychosocial support to Tsunami affected children. CHES had new experience and was able to manage well with their working experience with children.

The next turn came in 2007 when Dr.Manorama was appointed as the Chairperson of Child Welfare Committee, Chennai. It was then CHES started to focus on children in a larger context.

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