Founder of CHES - Dr. P. Manorama; M.D; DCH; DM[Gastro]

About CHES

1993 – Two orphaned children a boy aged 2 and a half and a girl aged 4 were admitted at the Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children, Chennai, where Dr.P.Manorama was working as the Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. They were admitted in the gastroenterology department for management of Hepatitis B Infection and HIV infection where Dr.P.Manorama was working.

Micronutrient Support

HCLT Foundation the ERS-Medical Diagnostic delivery Units in Chennai and the HS team in Bangalore under the CSR program started the Micronutrient support to orphans of AIDS in partnership with CHES from January 2012.

Craddle Baby Support

All infants admitted at Anandha Illam undergo a repeat HIV test at the end of completion of 18months to 2 years of life to find their real HIV status. All those who test negative for the retrovirus are linked to the licenced adoption agency through the Child Welfare Committee and the Department of Social Welfare.

Resource Centre

Resource center is attached to the Government home and reception center for boys at Royapuram run by social defense. More than 60 boys and girls are brought to child welfare committee each month who are admitted in to the reception center.

Success Stories of CHES